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    I finished my Fine Arts studies in the early 90’s and later on complemented them with an MA in Contemporary Art. I then began showing my work, first in Spain and later in the USA and in Norway as well. I had no particular idea during my years of training as to what the technique or style of my paintings would be, but I did have a strong sense that my work must be directed towards something that was really meaningful to me.

    Parallel to my work as an artist I have been studying and practicing yoga over the past two decades. I believe yoga has helped me to be more aware of what I feel, the state of my body, my breathing, sensations, the flow of my thoughts… I feel a closer contact with what I call “my own nature” and, through my work as an artist, have come to understand that it is not so different from the nature “outside”.

    The most meaningful topic for me and my work is nature, not as something to be seen and reproduced but more as something to play with and study. It was the choice of working with nature as a central theme or inspiration that actually determined the combinations of materials and techniques I have employed. Over the years, I have been using, among other things oil paint, acrylic, asphalt, varnishes, wood, cement, textiles, cardboard, water and even fire (which actually got me intoxicated a couple of times). I started observing the interactions between paints, textures and water in a completely abstract way. And then, by adding photographs as a new element in the composition, the paintings became more figurative while the abstract component faded away.

    While observing the effect water had on my paintings, I discovered a natural pattern that occurs: a stream forks into two smaller streams, as do rivers, branches, veins, neurons and rods of lightning. For me, this pattern represents the principles of “connec- tion” and “transport”, leading further to the concept of “union” between three or more points.

    In my latest works I study the image of a tree or a branch as a pattern that I believe to be a central and recurring pattern of nature. By allowing the materials to express themselves without attempting to look like anything else, I am presenting what, to me, is the most sincere aspect of painting. This need to respect the nature of the materials has, in turn, resulted in the textures becoming the main focus in my paintings. The textures do not surrender to the role of simply contributing to beauty, but rather add their reality to the pieces, turning them into three-dimensional objects.


    Born: 1967 in Malaga, Spain.

    – Degree in Fine Arts from the Polytechnical University, Valencia, Spain.
    – MA Fine Arts. University of the Arts Central Saint Martins. London, UK.



    – Ateneo de Málaga. “Naturaleza y percepción” del 10/2 al 23/3/2018. Málaga.


    – Galleri H-11. Oslo, Norway.

    -Curation of the exhibition “La Belleza del Ser”. Centro de Arte de Benalmádena.


    – Galería Mirel Markarian. Malaga.
    – Galería Nook. Malaga.


    -Allmenningen Galery. Bergen. Norway.


    – Gallery Bi-Z. With Elisabeth Werp. Kristiansand, Norway.


    – Allmenningen Gallery. Bergen, Noruega.


    – Bucks County Gallery of Fine Arts. Newtown, PA, USA.


    – Allmenningen Gallery. Bergen, Norway.
    – Murnau Gallery. Seville, Spain.


    – Gallery RoCa. Havre de Grace. Maryland, USA.

    – Gallery 31North. With Glen Gardner. New Jersey, USA.


    – Gallery Bi-Z. With Björn Carlsen. Kristiansand, Norway.
    – Bucks County Gallery of Fine Arts. Newtown, PA, USA.


    – Joan Perkes Fine Art Gallery. Bucks County (Pennsylvania) USA.
    – Espacio Didier Daurat. Málaga, Spain
    – Sala de exposiciones “Eugenio Chicano”. Casa de Cultura de Competa, Malaga, Spain


    – Sala de Exposiciones Unicaja. Antequera, Malaga, Spain.


    – Ra del Rey Contemporary Art, Madrid, Spain.


    – Sociedad Economica Amigos del Pais, Malaga, Spain.
    – ART I CHOKE Gallery, Fuengirola, Spain.



    – Diputación de Málaga. “Mitología reciclada”. Pacífico, 54. Málaga.


    – MA Interim Show CSM. Bargehouse. London, UK
    – MA Degree Show at Central St. Martins. London. UK.


    – Gallery RoCa. Havre de Grace. Maryland, EEUU.
    – Annual Group Show. Bucks Gallery of Fine Art. Pennsylvanya. EEUU.


    – The Red Show. Cheryl Hazen Gallery. Tribeca. Nueva York. EEUU.
    – Annual Fall Exhibition of Gallery Artists. Newtown, Pennsylvania, EEUU.
    – Gallery RoCa, Havre de Grace. Maryland, EEUU.


    – Autum Exhibition of Gallery Artists, Newtown, PA, USA.
    – The New Eclectic, West Chester University, West Chester, PA, USA.
    – Bucks Gallery of Fine Art. Newtown, Bucks County, PA, USA.


    – Artisti Spagnoli del Terzo Millennio, Bologna, Italy
    – Contemporary Art Fair of Salamanca ARCADE 99, Salamanca, Spain.


    – XXXII Premi Tapiro


    – Mencion Especial “Muestra de Jovenes Creadores de Malaga”
    – Mencion de Honor X Premio de Pintura Ron Bacardi.


    – Casa Museo Federico Garcia Lorca. Fuentevaqueros, Granada.
    – Colección de arte Town Hall of Fuengirola, Malaga.
    – Fondos Casa Museo, Town Hall of Mijas, Malaga.
    – Mr. and Mrs. John Meggit, New Hope, Pennsylvania, EEUU.
    – Ms. Liz Schmidt, Frenchtown, New Jersey, EEUU.
    – Ms. Michele Freiberg and Mr. Steve Kaplan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania EEUU.


    – Diario Sur (18.03.2000). Malaga, Spain.
    – El Mundo (12.02.2002). Madrid, Spain.
    – Norske Magasinet (03.2004). Málaga, Spain.
    – Primetime (08.2004). Pennsylvania, EEUU.
    – Faedrelandsvennen (15.08.2005 and 20.10.2005). Kristiansand, Norway.


    – 2019:

    Solo exhibition at Galeri Røed Jeløy. Moss, Oslo. Norway.