Illustration vs. painting

In this strange year that we are living, it is becoming imperative, for many of us, to introduce changes. The instability in the art market and the uncertainty about what is going to happen in the coming months has made galleries’ agendas even more impenetrable for independent artists like me.

Fortunately, in theory at least, other doors are opening that can allow artists to exhibit their works without having to resort to a physical space. I say in theory because although it seems feasible that in the digital age online sales end up encompassing all areas, the presence and “aura” of the painting are still important ingredients when deciding to purchase a painting.

That is why, when talking about these insecurities, a friend suggested that I change, at least for a year, the line of my work, I did not throw my hands at my head. His idea was, taking into account the interest that I have always felt in Astrology, to make a series with all the zodiacal signs. All good … until I started painting.

I have received many commissions in these years of work and I have always received them with enthusiasm, taking them as a challenge that I could face; They asked me for specific colors, the use or not of texts, groundbreaking formats, etc. But this case is different because it touches the most basic structure of my way of working. My painting has always been characterized by its ambiguity, at first completely abstract and, lately, more figurative but maintaining a degree of mystery that invited multiple readings. The zodiacal signs, however, are full of information, data and, when I started to paint I realized that the freedom that previously allowed me on a technical level and that made each painting an experiment here was not possible, at least in the measure I was used to. Obviously, I could make abstract versions of the signs, but the true desire of this project is to try to make the viewer feel identified with the work, either because it is his sign or because it reveals values ​​that describe or motivate him. In addition, although I will surely continue to use pieces of wood in the original work, I would like to be able to make reproductions (plates or posters) that are more accessible to the public without losing visual quality. For all this I think that this series has a component more related to illustration than painting and that is why I present it like this: Illustration vs. painting.

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