Leo, the first sign

I begin this astrological journey with the sign of Leo. Obviously it is not the first sign, but it coincides with the current moment (they are on their birthday's month) and I think it is a good start since Leo talks about putting ourselves at the center as a regulating principle, as the protagonist of our history. In later months I will try to do a work for each sign as the Sun passes through it.

 All signs have many traits, not all positive ones. There are lights and shadows in all of them, so it must be so that there is balance. One of the uses of Astrology is that it helps to understand ourselves precisely to transcend ourselves, that is, the information it gives us is not immovable, it is given to us to know what it is we have to work on ourselves to achieve balance. In this I think it is very similar to Yoga that shows us where our limits are and teaches us that we can go further. 

If you are a Leo or know someone well, surely you know their taste for being the center of attention, their leadership skills and / or their ability to encourage and entertain their audience. And not only that, there are many nuances in each of those traits, depending on what area they move in and who they relate to. In addition, almost no one fits completely into a sign, the astral charts are complex and there are many data to contrast. In the development of this work I have realized that, in this series, if I want to show the essential ingredients that characterize the sign, I cannot leave room for ambiguity and I have to be more radical than in my previous works. And although not everyone born with their Sun in Leo will feel identified, I hope I will be able to portrait the sign itself.

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