We have already entered the time of Libra, one of my favorite signs due to the artistic and social characteristics that describe it.

The search for balance and harmonization through the most diplomatic means is the main objective of those who have good aspects with this sign in their natal chart. Aesthetically, this balance is usually materialized in a taste for symmetry and elegance, trying to combine different elements to form a composition without fanfare.

Ruled by Venus, planet of love and desire, they have a sociable and diplomatic personality, skilled in the art of mediating in pursuit of understanding between discordant opinions.

His innate elegance resembles the deer in the animal world, with a peaceful and always attentive attitude.

For this work I have used the antlers of the deer in an attempt to represent the connection between different images and shapes (within the wood cuts) trying to create symmetry where there really is none (the two sides of the antlers are different), although achieving balance in composition.

My congratulations if you are a Libra or benefit from any of its identifying characteristics. It is certainly a necessary sign in these times.

As always if you have ideas that you want to share about the work or the point of view that I have chosen to illustrate the sign, I await your comments.

Detalle de “Libra, simetría asimétrica”
“Libra, simetría asimétrica”

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