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    Here are some works printed on canvas. There are two woven prints in each piece. The idea came to me when I learned that the word “Tantra” means woven. Tantra was the root of Yoga and was long time forgotten for embracing all the aspects of human beings, including sex. It’s philosophy studied reality as a fabric where all threads where in connection with the others creating a unit out of many different units.

    Once again I use the pattern of the branch depicting life as it is a structure that repeats itself in almost any living being that we know. The colors (black and white) talk about integrating the light and dark part of the existence as they are complementary and need to be appreciated in order to find balance.

    In this particular piece, the views of demolished buildings in the background speak about the past that nurtured us but must be left behind once the lesson has been learned.



    Untitled. 26×68 cm.



    Tree of knowledge. Printed on canvas. 30×120 cm.