SERIES “CORE”. 61x41cm. 2022.

In “Core”, I use the image of the branches as if it were an aerial view of a river, with small human figures flowing inside. In the upper part, the pieces of wood show the inside of the branches: an image of a boy that, while he floats upside down, seems to observe the passing of the small figures.



Detail one: small figures travel through the branches of the tree and the three-dimentional aspect and textures of the painting can be appreciated.


Detail two: I use a thick shiny varnish to increase the contrast between different textures and the sense of fluid in the branches.




Other paintings of this series:




In my imagination, the image of a tree represents a network of paths that extends three-dimensionally. On these roads we establish relationships and make decisions about the future at each fork.


Detail one: in the lower part, the silhouette of a body cut out of burlap is completed with parts of the body inside pieces of wood.



Detail two: angle view to see the volume of the pieces of wood. The roughness of the wood and canvas textures contrasts with the shine of the varnish on the slices of branches.



Detail three: At the top, the dark treetops hide small human figures.