Mixed media on wood. 60×250. 2019.

While I was painting this picture I didn’t know very well where it would take me. During the process I realized it was about a trip that starts from the roots (lines in the shape of branches on the left side), goes through the awareness of the present moment (model in a meditating pose) and the rest is a future with many paths leading to ignored places. If the viewer follows the trip till the end, ignoring the distracting forks that go up and down, he will get to the right side where the slices of wood show images of flowers and fruits. In my experience with Yoga I found that it is vital to focus the attention in the present moment, observe the distractions and let them go in order to continue the trip forward. The very process of painting this piece was unfolding these ideas as the work was in progress.

While I was painting it I remembered the book “The power of now” by Eckhart Tole where he talks about how to get to knowledge by living in the present moment. With that in mind I decided to play with the words “know” and “now” to title the painting.



Mixed media on wood. 60×250 cm. 2019.

This painting was inspired by an article I read:

( Unfortunately is in Spanish, I translated the main part for you:

“The magazine New Scientist published studies showing how humans and trees live within a similar rhythm. Trees have real pulsations, almost like a heart. These studies were done by the expert in Bioscience of Aarhus University in Denmark, doctor Andras Zlinsky.

The trees, according to doctor Zlinsky (…) drain the water from the roots to the leaves the same way as the heart does with our blood. The difference is that the regularity is much slower, one every two hours while human hearts do 60/100 per minute.”

Sistole and Diastole are the two parts of a movement of a heart. In the painting I tried to depict the circulatory system with images of tree branches and the beat of a heart with images that do not fit together (to express movement), one on the pieces of wood and another one on the surface of the painting.



Una de las piezas centrales de la serie Yoga.
Mixed media on wood. Diptych. 60x250cm. 2019.

Yoga means “union”. This painting is a diptych with very similar images but different. The essence symbolized by the slices of wood join both pieces. Small black birds are transferred on the slices of wood, because the union of mind a body do not carry lack of freedom to any of the parts.


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