UNION, is an installation I made half as an artist and half as a curator. The artwork is a metaphor that depicts how different artists (on painting, sculpture, video-art, performance, photography, etc.) from all around the world with different social background and languages, joined together to create a show that talks about integration and finding what is common to every human being. From these branches made of pieces of wood, blossom flowers made of canvas with an image by every artist participating in the show.


On the shadow that the wooden structure projects on the wall I drawn a circulatory system of lines coming out of a heart. Those lines were meant to be a guide for the visitor to write on them some words, or a little drawing. The words could be written in any language but they had to say «I am..» followed by a positive feature of themselves. This way all visitors become artists themselves and also part of the show.


Flowers with images of one of the artworks of every artist on the show.




This is how it looked at the opening.




The townhall provided a fantastic guide for the show, Marina Castilla. Great professional that made the visit more enjoyable, thanks Marina!




This is how the shadow looked a month after the opening. People enjoyed being able to express themselves and completely filled the whole shadow… and kept on going!. Thanks to all the participants!!



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