After a long hiatus that has kept me half out of the game when it comes to art for almost a year, I'm back where I left off. The pandemic has stomped on and has left its mark, art always rises from the hardest crises, so here I am again with the series that already seemed destined for the "unfinished" list. And since it has been precisely a year that I have been "out", I attack with Sagittarius, the next on the list.

The idea of ​​this painting, “Rewind” (rewind), made me reflect on evolution and see it as a succession of frames that rise towards the top of a tree (but unlike in a movie, they do not disappear to make way for the next , but remain present in the work) with images of monkeys and astronauts that come together showing the animal part that follows, and will continue to be part of the human being, no matter how sophisticated the environment may be. Then, while he was painting, “Lover, you shoundn't have come over” by Jeff Buckey sounded and he began to repeat “it's never over” like a mantra insisting over and over again . I decided to listen to it on a loop because it started to make sense within my thoughts about the play; speaking of how the past never stops passing, it continues to be present through a memory, a trace, a child that perpetuates the process of evolution even when that which originated it has already disappeared.
Animality and sophistication coexist in the evolution of the human species. (RWD detail).
Returning to the topic of horoscopes, I find in this painting the motivation of the Sagittarius always in pursuit of the truth, leaving nothing aside, learning even knowing that the process is endless and the arrival to knowledge, a myth. Sagittarius looks for new experiences and the learning they bring to get to the truth. They make the truth their flag, their path and their goal.
“It’s never over”(RWD detail).
“RWD” 2021

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