SCORPIO. Someone had to clean under the rug.

We enter the time of Scorpio, the sign that does not remain superficial. The nature of this sign invites  us to dive into the darkest waters, to crush without fear what others prefer to leave forgotten in a corner. As a “water sign”, it is characterized by intensely feeling emotions and has a high sensitivity. For them there are no taboos and they do not usually repress their instincts trying to get to the bottom of each experience they consider they have to live. They choose to make their lives a journey full of intense light and shadow, without half measures, and they do not hesitate to make drastic decisions, without looking back, to start from scratch if necessary.

Congratulations to the brave who dare to embrace their dark side and enjoy their light without limits.

Detalle de “Escorpio”
Detalle de “Escorpio”
Escorpio. 122x122cm. Mixed media on wood. 2020.

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