virgo, does perfection exist?

We enter Virgo and I immerse myself in an illustration-painting that is quite out of line with my usual work. I am not a Virgo and I do not have much in common with this sign, nevertheless I do admire its qualities: Virgos are detailed, meticulous, perfectionists and hard-working. A faithful representative of this sign would link all the terms, that is, in his emphasis on taking care of detail, he would not find comfort in wide-ranging work such as coordinating large teams, his strength would be in the small, in the laborious work where details are polished until the result borders on perfection. For this reason, the bee is one of the animals that best represents them at that level.

This search for perfection in detail also entails being very critical of themselves and others, and to achieve the pristine there is no better reference than the virginal white. Its colors are bright, preferably pastel and warm tones. With all those ingredients I set myself the challenge of making this illustration-painting and the result is almost there (one has to polish details to satisfy the Virgo!). Nothing to do with most of my works but I am happy to have risen to the challenge. If you are a Virgo or know someone of this sign, do not hesitate to comment on what you think is correct or not. Criticisms are also welcome;)
Detail of “Virgo, does perfection exist?”

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